Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yesterday my mom and I drove to VA to see the puppies. Thank you Kyria for allowing us to come and play with your babies! They were so cute and cuddly and just absolutey adorable!!!!!!!! Theres 8 and I probably held each one, it was hard to keep of which one was which. They smelled like puppies and they had puppy breath (I love it). When we first got there Kyria told us that it was about time for them to eat so we got to help feed them. Kyria would take one and work on sit and down, and some of them did it really well. Then I would take the puppy to the food bowl and sit them down and they had to wait and then you tell them to eat and they can eat. My mom, she refilled the food bowls and we just kept it going like that til the last one had ate. After eating the pups were ready to play so Kyria let them out of their box thing and they played with us. They gave lots of kisses and they founf the rope toy and they were dragging it back and forth and even a little tug of war. Then they were ready for a nap and they slept a while. We were there for 5 hours so we got to play with them quite a bit. I hope to go back in a few weeks.