Monday, August 9, 2010

Wal-Mart visit

I went to Wal Mart today, I'm supposed to make a trip to the grocery store 2x wk. This was my first for this week and driving towards the store my chest began to hurt and I started to get very anxious. This chest hurting is new for me and the last few times its hurt has really started to worry me, I don't think thats normal. I've had anxiety attacks and my chest hurt but this is like someone sucker punched me in the sternum and it hurts! I did good in the store I returned something for mom and then went to the notebook section to buy a small notebook so that I could keep track of all things dog related. Then I walked through the store, looked at some different things, and then made my way to check out. There was a man in front of me, but he didn't make me nervous, in fact we spoke. It was on my way to the car that I saw a man coming at me and began to get very nervous. I got in the car locked the doors and immediately put it in reverse- I wanted out of there! On my way home I started to relax, sang along with the radio and just let it all leave my mind. It wasn't so bad.