Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Visit at the prison.

Tuesday was a busy day, I had to go see my doctor before going to the prison. My doctors appointment was a bit strange, we really didn't talk about anything important. I was a bit let down because there are lots of things I need to talk about, and when we did talk she just gave me tips on healthy eating. Anywho, I had a great time at the prison. Since I don't have a badge yet I have to wait for an escort, and Heidi waits with me. Heidi had a dog with her ,Caylie, while we waited I got to meet and pet Caylie. After we went in I workd with Ms Day and Ms Brown and their dog was Corinna (I forgot to ask how to spell). They demonstrated the commands and she did great. Ms Day had Corinna go under the desk and would place her leash somewhere in the room and Corinna would go find it. I just think thats neat. They taught me how to teach a dog to rollover. When I got home I taught my dog Lucas to rollover, and the technique they taught me worked perfect! Like I said I had a great time.