Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another visit

So yesterday I went to the prison and I was having a bad day. I was fighting back tears all morning. When I got to the prison I got checked in and had a seat to wait fort Heidi. When Heidi came in she had her hands full so she sent Lia over to me and as I stood there petting her I immediately started to feel better. After I got to working with the dogs I completely forgot about everything that was bothering me. I worked with Saleigh, Mazie, Lia, and Jake. Mazie was difficult for me, she didn't want to take commands from me. Next I worked with Lia and she listened great, we went through ALL the commands a few times. I even put her in a down stay and the ladies walked around her, stomped their feet, and even jumped over her, but she did really well at staying. To finish up I worked with Jake and when it was my turn to give commands I called his name and then said here, he came right to me and sat patiently waiting for me to say something else. That made me feel really good, like I'll be able to handle my own dog. Jake even took my shoes off for me :)